Know About Us

Accurate Textures has been offering its customers creative solutions for all modern surface structuring requirements for last 13 years.

Our service include Development and manufacturing of textures by chemical engraving process for any type of molding, Press Plates, Rollers of all kinds of materials.

Our expertise based on 2 decades of experience as well as its continually evolving know-how meets the highest standards and enables it to deliver competitive quality anytime and anywhere.

Accurate Textures, which was founded in Mumbai in 2004, employs more than 30 employees at two sites in Mumbai.

Accurate Texture specializes in chemical engraving on metals with experience in the field for supplying a quality graining service.

Accurate Texture carries out texture on metal surfaces of moulds intended for plastic injection / or other similar material, vacumforming, Blow-moulding, thermoforming etc.

Accurate texture also carries out textures for metal surface of moulds intented for the embossing of a surface of any type of compressed materials. The applications are numerous for decorative or functional effects, on products for the Automobile industry, luxury goods, Electronics Items, Household Electrical Items, Furniture and many other sectors.