Services we offer

At Accurate Textures We develop the ideal surface structure for our customers competently, very cost-effectively and in a time-efficient manner – using latest technologies.

Our services include as below.

1. Texture and Digitalization / Prototyping Our in-house graphics department available to assist your project with art related development. You have Wide range of texture of your choice to suit you need, Texture like as below,
Natural or Exotic - Leather grains / hides
Organic - Woodgrains, slates, cobblestone
Matte finishes / stipples - Glass management / consistency
Technical - Geometric and linens
Mult-gloss patterns - Mixed reflective and low-gloss aspects
Fusions - Layered texture effects creating new looks
Graphics - Images or logos incorporated into a pattern

Prototyping before next level A plaque or plate can be moulded to provide a standard for the selected grain for reference.
It help you to evaluate texture in reality, for both look and feel.
The plaque or plate will be used as reference for the engraving on moulds.

2. Chemical Engraving The required pattern is uniformly applied to the surface to be treated. This single and patented process offers a broad range patters/ All surfaces not needing to be grained and protected. The mould is then immersed in a bath of acid compatible with the metal with which it was manufactured.
Complementary Surface treatments may be carried out in association with the graining provide the right surface finish for optimum results. Overlaps of logo. Markings or other are also carried out in variety of patterns from there simplest to the most elaborated.
We at accurate textures have good infrastructure that provide a good production capacity, able to process mould of many shapes, size and design.
This process brings advantages like
An Attenuation of effect of the line of flow and shrinkage pipes during the injection of the plastic part.
With a type of adapted grain, the sensitivity of parts to be traces of fingers and stripes can be reduced.
To reduce the quantity of rejected parts.

3. Surface Treatment Electroless Nickel Teflon Mold Coatings Designed to Maximize your Mold's Performance.

Tribocoat® is a proven line of composite Electroless coatings that have the best combination of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, dry lubrication and adhesion properties... better than any competitive coating on the market today.

Electroless nickel plating coatings using Tribocoat®, Mold-Tech’s proprietary EN product, provides reliable and effortless mold release characteristics for plastics molds. This autocatalytical nickel plating process, incorporating evenly distributed Teflon® particles, provides a highly uniform nickel phosphorus alloy coating exhibiting good resistance to wear and excellent corrosion resistance. Consistent deposit thicknesses across all surfaces of between 0.0002 and 0.0020 (+/- 0.0001) provide highly reliable uniformity.

The combination of nickel and Teflon® polymers provides an extremely low coefficient of friction with an effortless release from molds during molding operations. These nickel phosphorus alloy and Teflon® combinations are perfectly suited for use in molding applications using plastics, epoxies and silicones, and because of its superb release characteristics, it eliminates the need for release sprays.

The Tribocoat® process can be used with any tool steels, BeCu, forged aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel. It can be welded and benched without any associated negative effect to the remaining mold. Tribocoat® works excellently with all molding materials with the exception of pure rubber, and it works well with Silicone rubber, TPO, PVC and Sanoprene.

Tribocoat® benefits include:
Reduced Cycle Time
Quick, Effortless Release
Corrosion Resistance
Extended Mold Life
Improved Productivity

There are diffrent solution which apply based on the base material.
Tribocoat® HT (High Teflon), Tribocoat® LT (Low Teflon), Tribocoat® EN (Electroless Nickel)

4. Correction / Maintenance / Repair of molding, Press Plates, Rollers.
We provide professional repair solution to mold surface problem.

Texture Damage Repair
Restore the damaged area back to a perfect, harmonious texture with no distortion - any texture is repairable and any condition is salvageable.

Texture Scuff/Drag Relief
Lighten the texture in a local area to help the mold run smoothly - this is done without any texture distortion or hard-lines - smooth transitions producing a perfect part.

Weld Repair
Welded areas are repaired to blend-in undetected - remove weld hard lines - repair weld cracks / pits.

Areas where there may be burrs at a parting line can be removed without risk of flash or parting-line damage.

Texture Refurbishment / Adjustment
Restore worn texture to new condition - add texture in localized areas - adjust texture to harmonize with matching components.

Gloss Adjustments
Re-gloss, adjust for higher or lower gloss

5. On-site Texture Repair
We will come to your facility to do different types of repair, result saving your costly press down-time and shipping costs.